Practice: Thursday (10/22) at Corban University from 4-6.

Due to decreased daylight during this time of year, we will adhere to a strict 2 hour time limit in order to stay on schedule throughout the day. We ask that all players/coaches leave the dugout immediately following their games in order to allow other teams enough time to get their game started on time. Thank you.

Week 6 Schedule (10/24-10/25)

10/24SBA GreenStaytonStayton10:00 AM
10/24SBA NavyCascadeTurner10:00 AM
10/25KennedyWillametteLes Schwab 39:00 AM
10/25SBA BlackLebanonLes Schwab 41:45 PM
10/25SBA BlueBlue SoxLes Schwab 31:45 PM
10/25CentralSockeyes JVLes Schwab 49:00 AM
10/25Mountime 18UWarriorsStayton10:00 AM
10/25NW DS 16UKekambasThurston10:00 AM
10/25SwattNewportPhilomath10:00 AM
10/25Moundtime 16UPhilomathPhilomath3:00 PM
10/25SockeyesOlysBlanchett10:00 AM
10/25ValleyLumberjacksHolland3:00 PM
10/25SBA CharcoalSBA RedCorban10:00 AM
10/25SBA MaroonCovid BluesTurner12:00 PM
10/25ClevelandScioScio10:00 AM